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Meet Robbu, software is about humanity, we are the first generation in the world to have this experience of digital attendance

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About Us

We are a startup company with a unique focus, founded by two experts in process automation technology for call-center. Headquartered in São Paulo in the region of Bela Cintra.

Our greatest interest is to help the market discover a new communication experience with its customers, knowing the efficiency of traditional telephone, ura, letter, fax and etc services, we always hope to make the most of the communication resources available in the market today.

Our initial product was quickly revolutionized by a great need to meet the demand of our customers, making today the great INVENTION. A multi-service platform intelligently centralizing all management control of your business and service through social networks, SMS, Email and chat.

Números Robbu, e crescendo...
Around 34 million messages are sent each month by Robbu
Contacts Us
About 58 thousand consultations are performed per month through the Invenio Omnichannel
More than 400 clients assist in the development of the platform
There are several projects for digital exchanges and integrated chatbots
We are Microsoft BizSpark

Robbu is one of the Brazilian startups supported by Microsoft BizSpark, a global Microsoft program that identifies and supports innovative technology projects in more than 100 countries around the world.

Through this partnership Robbu has access to the most advanced technologies, compatible with the largest companies in the market.

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About the founders
Founded by two experts in automation process technology for call centers
Helber Campregher
Co-founder & New Product Development
Thiago Thamiel
Co-Founder & Client Relationship Manager
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