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Intelligent attendance solution for your business
Multichannel platform for digital operations, inbound and outbound, with integrated chatbot.
Omnichannel digital answering solution

Invenio is not only a digital platform, but a direct connection with its clients, providing convenience, dynamism and reliability in communication.

An experience of our customers builds an endless network of digital enthusiasts and enthusiasts. Continuous improvements come from a comparative range to the old dialers to the new trends of chatbot and cognition.

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Invenio Omnichannel features
Ícone ilustrando Scheduling Return
Scheduling Return
Return schedule by channel, date and time with scheduled reminder.
Ícone ilustrando Contact Management
Contact Management
Agility in simultaneous service, inquiries and sending of documents
Ícone ilustrando Automatic Prioritization
Automatic Prioritization
Using keywords (ticket, payment, help, etc.)
Ícone ilustrando Predictive Service
Predictive Service
Distribution of the answer queue with intelligent algorithms
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Invenio Center

The application suite separates the responsibilities of the backoffice view attendance operation.

Our various reports will never be enough to take care of all the details of your call center and our open API facilitates this situation, but it will take some time from your development team and thinking about it, we also resolve this issue in a few minutes taking all our data for your server.

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Managerial dashboard: have total control over everything
Managerial dashboard: have total control over everything
Parameterizing the service module
Parameterizing the service module
General System Performance Indicators
General System Performance Indicators
Central to active E-Mail and SMS campaigns
Central to active E-Mail and SMS campaigns
Automate your service with our ChatBot

Create your own smart Chatbot yourself using our IDR platform with Webhooks (Interactive Digital Response).

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Optional Services
SMS Short and Long Code
This solution allows companies, of any size and market segment, to create a fast and effective communication channel with the most diverse audiences.
Data Enrichment
Increase customer base location through our solution, we have identified the likelihood that a phone will be exactly the customer you are looking for.
Mkt and Transactional Email
Our effective cloud-based solution sends transactional emails and email marketing to hundreds of thousands of customers.
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