The Robbu Group

We are now a concept, a conglomerate of companies, solutions and dedicated and trained people to understand the needs of our customers.


What motivates us

Ícone Create


Only by creating do we leave our mark on the world. So we, as individuals or as a company, will do this to the end!

Ícone Surprise


Creating has a special taste when we surprise! We have been surprised, and this motivates us to improve even more!

Ícone Liberate


E ao fim de tudo, o que queremos para nós, para todos os colaboradores, todos os clientes e todas as pessoas, é que possam se libertar e viver suas vidas plenamente!

A cluster of companies

With a single focus, intelligent digital communication

The first born responsible for the strategies and solutions of digital attendance, symbolized by a Pigeon whose meaning is related to the first "tool" of long distance communication used by human beings.

Imagem Robbu

Focused on WhatsApp Business API and partnerships with other Digital communication companies, symbolized by a Dolphin who are super smart communicators (like WhatsApp). Great ability to work in groups and solve problems.

Imagem Positus

Responsible for all digital communication by intelligent voice, symbolized by an Elephant who are specialists in the production of sounds of different frequencies and in the use of long distance communication.

Imagem Robbu Voice

Payment methods for c-commerce, symbolized by a Taurus, traditional symbol of optimism in the financial market.

Imagem Robbu Pay

Consulting and training for digital cells, symbolized by an Octopus one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Super fast learning. Extraordinary planning capacity.

Imagem Robbu Academy