Digital transformation for your company

Service Channels

Service Channels

Your customers speak through different digital channels, so do we.

Serve your customers through social networks, WebChat, E-Mail, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram or through your own communication channel.

  • Lista Service speed
  • Lista Simplified management

Personalized service

Analysis of feelings and behavior

You are the one who coordinates the service, chooses and sets the order to attend. Sort by channel, priority, criticality and timing.

  • Lista Intelligent service queue
  • Lista Predictive automatic distribution
  • Lista Skill support
Personalized service
Single journey

Single journey

All interconnected channels making your customer's experience unique

Gain agility in simultaneous service, register the most used phrases. Be assertive and quick when responding, good service increases the chances of selling.

  • Lista Service groups
  • Lista Contact segmentation
  • Lista Integration with external systems

And much, much more


Automatic Prioritization

Keep your strategy focused on your contacts of greatest business interest.



Easily find your customers and identify their opportunities.


Queue optimization

Manage your bulk service queue for the best experience.



Schedule the return of contacts and do not leave any customer without return.



Increase the amount of service with our contact distribution algorithm.


Targeting portfolios

Segment your service by sectors, portfolios, products or as you see fit.


Events KPI

Service and results indicators can be added to your conversations



Markers are used to analyze the content of messages using artificial intelligence.

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When I received the challenge of structuring a digital service area, my biggest concern was to have a system that would allow an intelligent integration between chatbots and human teams. To make this possible, I wanted to have control, autonomy and freedom to set up my own flows in real time. Invenio is the only platform that allowed me to do this the way I imagined and still be amazed by the practicality and additional features, I recommend it to everyone who has a similar challenge

Diogo Martos

Diogo Martos

Head digital at NovaQuest

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Ícone Invenio live

Invenio live

Omnichannel customer service platform with 10 integrated channels

Ícone Positus Messenger

Positus Messenger

WhatsApp customer service platform on multiple computers

Ícone Digital Postman

Digital Postman

Real-time sending of invoices and documents via WhatsApp through API or Platform

Ícone Invenio Center

Invenio Center

Outbound marketing, metrics analysis, and results for your digital service team

Ícone WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API

We are your official WhatsApp Business API provider

Ícone Google RCS

Google RCS

We are your official Google RCS messaging provider

Ícone Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

We are your official Facebook messaging provider

Ícone SMS


Send Bulk SMS or transactional messages

Ícone E-Mail


Send Bulk Email or transactional messages

Ícone Viber


Rakuten Viber for transactional messages

Ícone Telegram


Telegram for messaging, images, audios, and documents

Ícone WebChat


Chat with visitors on your website in real-time

Ícone IDR Chatbot Studio

IDR Chatbot Studio

Create automated conversation experiences using Artificial Intelligence

Ícone IDR Audit

IDR Audit

Intelligently monitor your team like never before

Ícone Cross-Channel WhatsApp Digital Agent

Cross-Channel WhatsApp Digital Agent

Locate people quickly and efficiently

Ícone Rflow


The call blocker that ensures quality in active customer contact

Ícone Negotiator Digital Agent

Negotiator Digital Agent

Locate people quickly and efficiently

Ícone Rbox


Rbox® acts as a transit switch providing stereo voice recording features

Ícone Digital Agent Locator

Digital Agent Locator

Locate people quickly and efficiently

Ícone NPS Agent

NPS Agent

NPS Voice is the practical and effective method for your periodic surveys with your customers

Ícone Video Call

Video Call

Interactive teleconsultation and conferences with recording

Ícone Insights


Having a world of resources and technology is of no use if you don't have a place to track them

Ícone E-Mail Designer

E-Mail Designer

Template builder, layout, and design of email marketing for successful campaigns

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