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IDR Studio

IDR Studio

Create chatbots in minutes without the need for developers

Develop a dialogue with your customers naturally in any digital channel

  • Lista Ready flow models
  • Lista Knowledge base
  • Lista Curatorship panel
  • Lista Integration with REST API

Digital Company

Smarter contacts with your company's audiences

Create Chatbots and serve thousands of customers at the same time.

  • Lista Automate your integrations
  • Lista Transform your conversations
  • Lista Solve with Artificial Intelligence
Digital Company
More features

More features

Your company available on the right channel at the right time

Easy for those who are not developers! You can create chatbots without having to write a single line of code: just set up and go!

  • Lista 24h available
  • Lista Conversation audit
  • Lista Reactive triggers

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Robbu and BR Distribuidora develop large projects together, always combining agility and performance. Our last challenge was to implement a chatbot via WhatsApp for Premmia, which is the loyalty program of the Petrobras service network. We are very satisfied, expectations have been exceeded.

Henrique Jozala Junior

Henrique Jozala Junior

Head of Financial Services and Loyalty at BR Distribuidora

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Ícone Invenio live

Invenio live

Omnichannel service platform with 10 integrated channels

Ícone Positus Messenger

Positus Messenger

WhatsApp service platform on multiple computers

Ícone Postman


Sending invoices and documents in real time via WhatsApp via API or Platform

Ícone Invenio Center

Invenio Center

Outbound marketing, analysis of metrics and results for your digital service cell

Ícone WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API

We are your official WhatsApp Business API provider

Ícone Google RCS

Google RCS

We are your official Google RCS messaging provider

Ícone Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

We are your official Facebook provider

Ícone SMS


Send Bulk SMS or transactional messages

Ícone E-Mail


Send Bulk E-mail or transactional messages

Ícone Viber


Rakuten Viber for transactional messages

Ícone Telegram


Telegram for messages, images, audios and documents

Ícone WebChat


Chat with your website visitors in real time

Ícone IDR Chatbot Studio

IDR Chatbot Studio

Create automatic conversation experiences using artificial intelligence

Ícone IDR Auditoria

IDR Auditoria

Monitoring your team intelligently has never been easier

Ícone Agente Digital Cross-Channel

Agente Digital Cross-Channel

Locate people quickly and efficiently

Ícone Rflow


The call blocker that guarantees quality in active contact with customers

Ícone Digital Agent Negotiator

Digital Agent Negotiator

Locate people quickly and efficiently

Ícone Rbox


Rbox® acts as a transit switch that provides stereo voice recording capabilities

Ícone Digital Agent Finder

Digital Agent Finder

Locate people quickly and efficiently

Ícone NPS Agent

NPS Agent

NPS Voice is the practical and effective method for your periodic surveys with your customers

Ícone Video call

Video call

Tele attendance and interactive conferences with recording

Ícone Insights


A world of resources and technology is useless, if you have nowhere to follow

Ícone E-Mail Designer

E-Mail Designer

Template builder, layout and design of email marketing for successful campaigns

IDR Chatbot Studio

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