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Simple service


Service and API testing

  • Lista Positus Messenger
  • Lista WhatsApp Business API*
  • Lista 1 Attendant
  • Lista Support


Escalate your service


WhatsApp support on various machines

  • Lista Positus Messenger
  • Lista WhatsApp Business API
  • Lista 20 Service Licenses
  • Lista Templates HSM
  • Lista 1k conversations Month
  • Lista Support


Take over the world


Omnichannel service with 10 channels, bots, integrations and more

  • Lista Invenio Live
  • Lista Invenio Center
  • Lista WhatsApp Business API
  • Lista Facebook Messenger
  • Lista E-Mail Designer
  • Lista Telegram
  • Lista SMS
  • Lista E-Mail
  • Lista Viber

The prices listed here are only an estimate of the amount to be charged for each product.

Success stories

I have always understood that mastering digital channels is essential to improve a company's communication and serve the customer with excellence and that is exactly what Robbu provides. In late 2020, we adopted one of Robbu's services in my family's company. Service improved 100%, became faster and more efficient, increasing productivity and quality.

Juliana Munaro, Jornalista e Digital influencer

Robbu is with us every day, with the solutions provided, we started this partnership being able to pilot the solutions and proving value with our customers. We apprehend and develop new forms of communication that guarantee agility and assertiveness in excellence in the relationship with our customers.

Thiago Schlieper, Digital marketing da BASF

Working in partnership with Robbu has allowed us to deliver greater automation to the market for omnichannel communication with our customers. The interaction with chatbots has occurred in a more fluid and humanized way, which results in an excellent customer experience

Vanessa Tiba, Country Manager da Altitude Software Brasil.

Robbu and BR Distribuidora develop large projects together, always combining agility and performance. Our last challenge was to implement a chatbot via WhatsApp for Premmia, which is the loyalty program of the Petrobras service network. We are very satisfied, expectations have been exceeded.

Henrique Jozala Junior, Head of Financial Services and Loyalty at BR Distribuidora

I had the opportunity to use Positus solutions in one of my international lectures, and what most caught the public's attention, as well as my personal experience, was the easy onboarding on the platform with excellent developer experience, robustness, security and performance.

Engineering Manager at Itaú-Unibanco bank


Benefits for your company

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Ícone Know your audience

Know your audience

You're just getting started and you need to know who your audience is. A good service base is fundamental to this perception.

Ícone Be close

Be close

Your audience is on several social networks. You need to make yourself present and be seen.

Ícone Be ready

Be ready

Whenever your customer needs it, you are ready to serve them in the best way.

Ícone Be professional

Be professional

Currently, digital service is the customer's first contact with a brand, impress your user!

Ícone Engage your audience

Engage your audience

Your customers have particularities. Always be available on different communication channels and get ahead.

Ícone Delight your customers

Delight your customers

Offer the best experience in intelligent service, be it automatic, human or hybrid. Customize according to your demands.

Ícone Reach your goals

Reach your goals

Revolutionize your business with digital service. Impact your results through agile, safe and effective communication.

Ícone Identify opportunities

Identify opportunities

Follow the action history of each contact. Define criteria to prioritize contacts most likely to convert

Ícone Improve team performance

Improve team performance

Have full control of the journey of all your customers. Create constant improvement plans based on exact metrics.

Ícone Automate processes

Automate processes

Optimize the time of your team and your customers by automating processes that can be automatic.

Ícone Integrate with your CRM

Integrate with your CRM

Automate management system services and streamline issuance of slips, balance inquiries, registrations, etc.

Ícone Be available 24 hours

Be available 24 hours

Extend the availability of your service at no additional cost. Our services allow your contact to never go offline.

Ícone Improve your NPS

Improve your NPS

The NPS serves to assess customer satisfaction and loyalty to a company, regardless of its size

Ícone Chat with the whole world

Chat with the whole world

Allow your company to contact customers from around the world, with no time restrictions.

Ícone Track metrics and statistics

Track metrics and statistics

Keep dashboards always up to date and act on business performance based on accurate metrics and reliable reports.

Ícone Reduce operating costs

Reduce operating costs

The outsourcing of the service team helps to decrease operating costs and, in addition, increases the quality of service provision