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Plataformas y Productos

Service platforms and digital channel management

IDR Chatbot Studio

Create automated conversation experiences using artificial intelligence or use ready-made templates.

USD165/by flow

Y esto está disponible en todos los canales digitales integrados en la plataforma, ofreciendo automatización omnicanal para su negocio.

  • Lista Highly scalable
  • Lista 10,000 contacts included
  • Lista Inteligencia artificial (A.I.)
  • Lista Knowledge base


Omnichannel services platform with 10 integrated channels for medium and large companies

USD80/month per user

The largest omnichannel services platform on the market, prices are discounted according to the volume contracted.

  • Lista Predictive distribution of contacts
  • Lista KPI for dynamic indicators
  • Lista Highly scalable

Positus Messenger

WhatsApp service platform on multiple computers, suitable for small businesses


This plan includes 1 WhatsApp number for up to a thousand WhatsApp calls in a month.

  • Lista 3 users included
  • Lista WhatsApp Business API
  • Lista Medium

WhatsApp Opt-in

Send active messages en masse by WhatsApp minimizing the risk of blockages, ensuring the subscription of your client

USD0.10/by interaction

We will contact all the contacts of your target audience for this campaign by predictive phone call, we will ask for permission to send WhatsApp messages

  • Lista Integrated with Invenio
  • Lista Cloud marker
  • Lista WhatsApp package required *

Insights Cloud

Analytical platform for visualization of dashboards, indicators, operational and commercial metrics in real time


Explore and share dashboards with your team and promote a data-driven culture.

  • Lista Up to 100GB of cloud storage
  • Lista Monitoring and operational control
  • Lista Integration with Rest API and SIP layer

E-Mail Designer

Email Marketing Template Builder, Layout & Design for Successful Campaigns


Email Marketing Template Builder, Layout & Design for Successful Campaigns

  • Lista 10,000 shots of emails
  • Lista Unlimited templates
  • Lista Webhook with callbacks

Carteiro Digital

Platform to send documents by WhatsApp without the need for a specific number

USD5/per user

Send confidential documents, invoices and files through WhatsApp officially. No setup fee and no monthly fee.

  • Lista Immediate shipping with verified account
  • Lista Platform, API Rest and Webhook
  • Lista $ 0.45 per shipment


Call blocker that ensures quality in active contact with customers

USD0.00005/By application

Request control (SIP protocol) to release or reject calls as defined by business rules

  • Lista Lock settings, results and telephone terminations
  • Lista Import of lists to batch unlock or lock phones
  • Lista Blocking configuration for contact attempts;


Rbox® acts as a transit switch providing stereo voice recording capabilities

USD10/per channel

Its wide applicability allows it to be integrated into multiple architectures acting at the beginning, middle or end of the telephony layer

  • Lista Rbox® OVA
  • Lista Recording Profile
  • Lista Realtime Monitor


Digital Cross Channel WhatsApp Agent Increases Contact Effectiveness with a Friendlier Travel

USD90/by agent

Our exclusive product makes a cross-journey between voice channels and WhatsApp for location and CPC classification of digital operation and voice operation.

  • Lista WhatsApp Bulk
  • Lista CPC Location
  • Lista Customer location

Agente Digital

Our Digital Agent has the most advanced cognitive resources and incorporates an A.I. really

USD120/by agent

Scale your billing operation without the need to invest in human resources with our 100% cloud solution.

  • Lista 100% Cloud
  • Lista Curatorial management
  • Lista Inteligencia artificial

Agente de búsqueda

Increase your effective CPC rate in addition to leveraging the duration of your SPIN goals

USD70/by agent

Reduce your human outbound operation by optimizing the performance of your inbound operations

  • Lista CPC increase
  • Lista Higienização da base
  • Lista 100% Cloud

Messaging and video

Integrate with Invenio or API Rest, an interface that provides data in a standardized format based on HTTP requests

WhatsApp Business API

Positus is a Robbu Group company licensed by Facebook to market the WhatsApp Business API solution worldwide.


Reach users on the world's most popular messaging app using an intuitive API officially licensed by WhatsApp.

  • Lista 1 number included
  • Lista 1,000 contacts included
  • Lista Unlimited HSM template creation
  • Lista Notification: Facebook + Tax + 0.04

WhatsApp Business API

Positus is a Robbu Group company licensed by Facebook to market the WhatsApp Business API solution worldwide.


Llegue a los usuarios en la aplicación de mensajería más popular del mundo utilizando una API intuitiva con licencia oficial de WhatsApp.

  • Lista 1 number included
  • Lista 3,000 contacts included
  • Lista Unlimited HSM template creation
  • Lista Notificación: Facebook + Impuestos + 0.03

SMS Short-code

Quick, easy and direct communication with your consumer without direct shipping restrictions


This solution allows companies of any size and market segment to create a fast and efficient communication channel with the most diverse audiences.

  • Lista Administration panel
  • Lista Transactional and massive campaigns
  • Lista Rest API and Webhook

E-mail Provider

To send mass emails and marketing messages, a quick and easy way to send emails to thousands of people a day.


Send campaigns that resonate with your recipients by ensuring your email reaches your customers' inbox

  • Lista Better bounce rate and delivery
  • Lista Transactional and massive campaigns
  • Lista API and Webhook

Postman Digital API

Sending documents by WhatsApp without the need for a specific number


Send confidential documents, invoices and files through WhatsApp officially. No setup fee and no monthly fee.

  • Lista Instant delivery
  • Lista Envío inmediato con cuenta verificada
  • Lista Platform, API Rest and Webhook


Telegram Messenger is a program option to send and receive instant messages


With 500 million active users and rapid growth, Telegram becomes a channel option where it should be available

  • Lista Low cost
  • Lista Integrated with Invenio
  • Lista Send text, images and documents

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger acts as an online communication center, in which the exchange of messages between users gains new possibilities.


The Facebook messaging service, which has become a standalone application, is used by around 1.3 billion people every month to chat with friends on the social network.

  • Lista Low cost
  • Lista Integrated with Invenio
  • Lista Send text, images and documents


Rakuten Viber is a proprietary cross-platform application in the instant messaging format used by some parents


Create a new Viber account or connect to the existing one through the chat bot and receive messages from clients in instant messaging

  • Lista Low cost
  • Lista Integrated with Invenio
  • Lista Send text, images and documents

Video call

Telecare and interactive conferences with the possibility of recording, a new possibility of interaction between doctors and patients


One of the fronts of telemedicine, teleconsultation, as its name implies, is a medical consultation in which the patient is physically away from the professional.

  • Lista 10 simultaneous rooms
  • Lista Customizable template
  • Lista Call recording *

The prices listed here are just an estimate of the value to be charged for each product.


Benefits for your company

Select your company size

Ícone Know your audience

Know your audience

You're just getting started and you need to know who your audience is. A good service base is fundamental to this perception.

Ícone Be close

Be close

Your audience is on several social networks. You need to make yourself present and be seen.

Ícone Be ready

Be ready

Whenever your customer needs it, you are ready to serve them in the best way.

Ícone Be professional

Be professional

Currently, digital service is the customer's first contact with a brand, impress your user!

Ícone Engage your audience

Engage your audience

Your customers have particularities. Always be available on different communication channels and get ahead.

Ícone Delight your customers

Delight your customers

Offer the best experience in intelligent service, be it automatic, human or hybrid. Customize according to your demands.

Ícone Reach your goals

Reach your goals

Revolutionize your business with digital service. Impact your results through agile, safe and effective communication.

Ícone Identify opportunities

Identify opportunities

Follow the action history of each contact. Define criteria to prioritize contacts most likely to convert

Ícone Improve team performance

Improve team performance

Have full control of the journey of all your customers. Create constant improvement plans based on exact metrics.

Ícone Automate processes

Automate processes

Optimize the time of your team and your customers by automating processes that can be automatic.

Ícone Integrate with your CRM

Integrate with your CRM

Automate management system services and streamline issuance of slips, balance inquiries, registrations, etc.

Ícone Be available 24 hours

Be available 24 hours

Extend the availability of your service at no additional cost. Our services allow your contact to never go offline.

Ícone Improve your NPS

Improve your NPS

The NPS serves to assess customer satisfaction and loyalty to a company, regardless of its size

Ícone Chat with the whole world

Chat with the whole world

Allow your company to contact customers from around the world, with no time restrictions.

Ícone Track metrics and statistics

Track metrics and statistics

Keep dashboards always up to date and act on business performance based on accurate metrics and reliable reports.

Ícone Reduce operating costs

Reduce operating costs

The outsourcing of the service team helps to decrease operating costs and, in addition, increases the quality of service provision

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